Police Summon: Gov. Uzodimma, APC Afraid of Our Candidates – PDP…Says APC’s Use of Intimidation Can’t Save Uzodimma from Defeat

August 8, 2023
Press Statement
Police Summon: Gov. Uzodimma, APC Afraid of Our Candidates – PDP…Says APC’s Use of Intimidation Can’t Save Uzodimma from Defeat
The Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) strongly condemns the attempts by the disoriented All Progressives Congress (APC) in Imo State to use the Police to distract and suppress our Deputy Governorship Candidate in the November 11, 2023 governorship election, Dr. Jones Onyereri.
PDP also condemns the unwarranted use of security personnel by the APC in Imo State to harass and intimidate opposition figures, the latest being the scandalous attempt by the APC to use certain police operatives to arrest and put Dr. Onyereri out of circulation ahead of the election.
Since the emergence of Senator Samuel Anyanwu and Dr. Onyereri as the Governorship and Deputy Governorship Candidates of the PDP, Governor Hope Uzodimma and the APC have been unsettled by the popularity of our candidates and are now allegedly employing ways including the use of instrument of State to harass them.
This attempt to use the police as tool of political coercion against our Candidate further confirms that Governor Uzodimma and the APC are jittery and in mortal fear of Senator Anyanwu and Dr. Onyereri’s imminent victory at the forthcoming election.
The PDP has also been made aware of other clandestine plots by the APC to use compromised individuals in certain institutions of government in Imo State to raise trump-up charges, spurious allegations, bogus claims and smear campaign against opposition figures in the State.
This is apparently with the intention to distract the opposition and divert public attention from the abysmal failures of Governor Uzodimma in governance and the many atrocities of the APC including promoting insecurity and violence in Imo State.
The APC must know that Imo State is a traditional PDP State; that the people have seen through APC’s antics and are now, more than ever before willing, able and ready to resist the APC and take back their State on the platform of the PDP.
The people of Imo State are solidly behind our Candidates, Senator Anyanwu and Dr. Onyereri being confident in their experience, competence, capacity, resourcefulness, love for the people and deep intellect to rescue, revamp and make Imo State safe and prosperous again.
The PDP calls on the Imo State Police Command to be professional and not allow itself to be used by the APC as a tool for political suppression against the people.
Governor Uzodimma and the APC must come to terms with their inevitable defeat on November 11 as no amount of suppression, intimidation and harassment of the people of Imo State will detract from their expressed determination to vote out the APC at the forthcoming election.
Hon. Debo Ologunagba
National Publicity Secretary