After several years of impacting lives, driving policies, and supporting the sustainable growth of Nigeria through investments in job creation and education, it is time to amplify the mission together as one people, collectively seeking one future to drive change in this one country we have.  Through several consultations and a holistic review of the present state of Nigeria, we have developed a list of areas that must receive our collective attention in the next 4 years, and this forms the crux of our mission goals.

  1. To Fix Nigeria and get it working for the greater good.

  2. Unify the country and get its people talking about unity and development.

  3. Rejig and rejuvenate the comatose economy by diversifying and liberalizing the economy, to generate jobs and create new revenue avenues.

  4. Declare national emergency on Energy, Security, Education, Public Health, and Agriculture, among other critical sectors.

  5. Ensure food availability and sustainability, adequate National Security and Citizen Welfare.

  6. To explore mutually beneficial foreign affairs policy, both at Sub-regional, Continental, and international levels and revamp the image of Nigeria as the Giant of Africa.

  7. To enforce the true principles of the Federal Quota System with emphasis on meritocracy.

  8. Enrich and enlarge the coast of the Electoral Process: due diligence, fairness, and equity. Plus, the introduction of relevant technology into election management in the country. e.g., Diaspora Voting.

  9. Ensure Women and Youths’ inclusiveness in politics and business.

  10. Upgrade and improve the living standards of security personnel and equipment for the Armed Forces.

  11. Fight corruption judiciously; invest in Edu-innovation and plug into global ecommerce initiatives.

  12. Ensure prompt payment of pensions to retirees; bequeath a legacy of good governance and real dividends of democracy.