Every society, organization or institution establishes for its members, certain acceptable patterns or standards of behavior; a set of rules and ethics for the smooth, orderly conduct of its activities. The code of articulates Rules, Regulations and Laws which members are required to conform with.

Code of Conduct for the PDP
A Code of Conduct for the Peoples Democratic Party, therefore, simply means a set of basic rules establishing behavioural patterns of relationships among Party members and ethical conduct before, during and after Intra and Inter Party Elections.

The major focus of a code of Conduct and rational for establishing one is to ensure transparency, equity and fairness in the conduct of Party affairs and particularly to ensure that violence does not replace the Rule of Law during Congresses, Primaries and General Elections.

Every PDP member, Aspirant, Candidate or Agent shall, therefore, subscribe to the following Code of Conduct and adhere strictly to it as failure to observe the Code of constitutes a gross misconduct in addition to the provision in Article 9.1 of our Party Constitution; and which shall attract appropriate sanction, including but not limited to disqualification of the Aspirant/Candidate involved.

A. Adherence to All Electoral Laws
1. Members, Aspirants, Candidates or Agents of the Peoples Democratic Party shall adhere to the provisions of the following:-
i. The Constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria;
ii. INEC Laws, Rules and Regulations;
iii. The Electoral Act, 2010;
iv. The Party’s Guidelines for Congresses, Primaries and National Convention in force;
v. The PDP Constitution;
vi. The PDP Code of Conduct;

2. Every PDP Members, Aspirant, Candidate or Agent having voluntarily subscribed to the provisions of the PDP Code of Conduct and the Electoral Laws, Rules and Regulations as provided in the existing Electoral Act shall assist in their observance, compliance and enforcement.
3. It shall be the sacred duty of Party Members, to assist in ensuring observance of the Code of Conduct and all Electoral Guidelines and/or Regulations and to assist in apprehending and punishing those who attempt to flout the provisions of the Codes, Rules, Regulations and Guidelines.

B. Meetings, Rallies, Campaigns, Congresses, Primaries, Convention, etc.
A Party Member, Aspirant, Candidate or Agent shall do nothing to inhibit the lawful activities of others. In this connection, a Party Member, Aspirant, Candidate or Agent shall not:

(a) Disrupt, interrupt, disorganize, disturb meetings, rallies congresses, primaries and other lawful activities of others; (b) Encourage provocative behavior, language, images and actions at such meetings, rallies, congresses, primaries etc; (c) Sponsor incitement, violence and breakdown of law and order or prevent speeches and the distribution of leaflets, pamphlets, handbills, posters or any published materials; (d) Engage in any activity capable of inciting Ethnic, Religious, Class or Group hatred either against PDP leaders and members or Aspirants and Candidates; (e) Utter or allow their Agents or Followers to utter political slogans that are derogatory, abusive or defamatory of any other PDP Member, Aspirant or Candidate; (f) Sponsor or allow the wearing of uniforms and emblems depicting militant activities or allow the carrying of aggressive, harmful or dangerous weapons or chemicals capable of inflicting injury on persons or damage to property at meetings, and other Party events;
(g) Recruit, engage, sponsor, encourage or fund thugs or terrorists in whatever form at Party events such as Meetings, Rallies, Congresses and National Convention; (h) Bribe, intimidate, induce or corrupt Delegates, Members of Electoral, Screening and Electoral Appeal Panels before, during and after Primaries, but ensure that actions of this nature are reported to appropriate authorities promptly; (i) Forcibly occupy or invade the venue of Party Congresses, Primaries or other Lawful events. (j) Encourage his/her supporters to cast more than one vote (multiple voting) at a Party Congresses, Convention of Primary Election; (k) Canvas for votes within the vicinity of a Congress venue or Party Primary/Convention. (l) Deface, destroy, burn, mutilate ballot papers, primary election result sheets or any other document used for a Party Congress, Convention or Primary Election. (m) Procure congress or primary election results fraudulently or manipulate result sheets, ballot boxes or cause to publish any unofficial results. (n) Refuse to accept certified results of a Congress, Convention or Primary Election. (All complaints shall be resolved in compliance with existing laws, rules, regulations and the Party’s guidelines for Primary or Congress Elections). (o) Recruit Mercenary Voters and Non-Party Members to invade Venues of Congresses, Convention and Party Primaries for purpose of rigging or for any other purpose. (p) Enter the venue of a Party Congress, Convention or Primary without authorization, except he/she is an Accredited Delegates or is authorized so to do by the Party Guidelines or Constitution. (q) Do anything to disrupt the process of smooth, transparent nomination/selection of candidates for elections including appeals to religious and ethnic sentiments and shall ensure that the processes are democratic and no-violent.

Dr. Okwesiliez Nwodo, CON Alhaji Abubakar Kawu Baraje National Chairman National Secretary