Desirable Qualities


As Nigeria marches into another electioneering year (the 2011
election) amidst worries about the sustainability of reforms and
policy continuity, PDP in its quest to continue to set the pace and
provide focused leadership at all levels of governance sets forth
some qualities that the Party and Electorates would look out for
amongst Aspirants.

These qualities are in addition to the existing constitutional
requirements that candidates must meet to qualify for electoral
office. The basic concept is to carefully look at those traits that are
constant and imperative for nation building and advancement of the

To this end, PDP in furtherance of its agenda setting role seek to
identify qualities that an elected official should posses to be able to
lead at various cadres. These qualities are intended to raise our
campaigns from the banal, mundane level of muckraking to the more
elevated and sublime level of debate on policy direction, individual
capability, character requirement and intellectual capacity. This new
level will require that Aspirants/Candidates are clearly judged not
just by the size of the wallet of their campaign organization but also
by clearly measurable qualities

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