PDP Constitution

1. RECOGNIZING that many years of military dictatorship in Nigeria
resulted in the gross erosion of fundamental human rights and rule of law;
conscious of need to raise the nation to the highest level of moral and
intellectual dignity, determined to evolve the means of reconciling and
uniting our various peoples and rekindling the spirit of brotherhood,
mindfull of the necessity of confronting and remedying the social decay
that exists in the moral, social and political condition of the country; and
arousing themselves to a desired state of consciousness to build a
prosperous and lasting democracy;

2. the leaders of like-minded political associations in the country,
prompted by a sense of duty to the nation, assembled in the Federal
Capital Territory, Abuja on the 28th Day of July, 1998 and resolved:

a) To bring together all patriotic and like-minded Nigerians into a single
formidable political party, capable of organizing and making productive
the labour and energy of the people;

b) To work together under the umbrella of the party for the speedy
restoration of democracy, the achievement of national reconciliation,
economic and social reconstruction and respect for human rights and the
rule of law;

c) To create socio-political conditions conducive to national peace and
unity by ensuring fair and equitable distribution of resources and

See the complete 2012 Amendment below: