8.(1) Membership of the Party shall be open to all Nigerians who are not below the age of 18 years, and who undertake to abide by the constitution of the party.

(2) A register of members shall be kept at the Ward level of the party and the register shall not be removed from the ward secretariat.

(3) The membership register maintained at the ward shall be authenticated by being signed by the ward chairman and the ward secretary.

(4) A prospective member shall .

(a) Register at his or her Ward of origin or where he or she ordinarily resides or carries on business; and

(b) Pay the prescribed registration and other fees before admission into the party.

(5) Application for membership shall be considered by the Ward Executive Committee, which shall have power to accept or reject any application. Provided that any rejection shall be subject to review by the next higher organ of the party.

(6) A membership card shall be issued to a registered member of the party, which shall bear the photograph of the member.

(7) The Membership cards shall be produced by the National Headquarters and authenticated by the National Chairman and National Secretary.


(8) A person who desire to rejoin the party after leaving it shall,

(a) Apply to his Ward Secretary for re-admission; and

(b) Unless, given waiver by the National Working Committee, be placed on probation for a period of not less than a year.

(9) Subject to the provision of Section 8(b), a member on probation shall have the right to attend all meetings of the party, but shall not be entitled to vote at such meetings, nor shall he be eligible to contest for elective office on the platform of the party.

(10) Members shall pay their monthly subscription fees at the ward level, which must be reflected on their membership cards, and where a member consistently fails to pay his subscription fees for six months, such membership will be deemed to have lapsed.

(11) The party membership register shall be computerized to ensure control and to avoid fraud, and all ward registers shall be closed one month to congresses.

(12) Procedure and processes of keeping membership records shall be standardized such that there is uniform way of keeping and preserving records at all levels of the Party.

(13) Party members should ensure that they verify their names before the closure of ward registers; and authentication or recertification by the ward chairmen and secretaries should take place before nomination processes begin.

(14) The membership cards and registers shall be classified as party security documents.


(15) Without prejudice to the provision of section 8(16) of this constitution, any member who fails to renew his membership by payment of the annual subscription fees within 6 months after due date shall cease to enjoy the rights and privileges of membership and if in default for upward of 12 months shall cease to be a member of the party.

(16) Any member who loses his membership on account of failure to pay his dues or to meet any other financial obligations shall resume membership only on the payment of all outstanding dues and penalties.

(17) Any party member who loses his membership for reasons other than nonpayment of annual subscription may be readmitted on the recommendation of his ward executive committee, through the local government area executive committee, to the state chapter of the party, and ultimately made to the national working committee, subject to ratification by the national executive committee.


(18) A person who has earlier decamped from the party but later decides to return to the party shall loss the seniority and privileges conferred on him by his previous status.