Tyranny and Fascism, unwritten manifesto of the APC, says PDP Declares APC ‘Anti Peoples Congress’


  1. Sophia Ossai says:

    Governor Oshomole promised to employ some outstanding corps members some 5months ago, precisely on the 6th of June 2013. Till date,no news has been heard and these corpers have been expecting to hear from the comrade governor even after coming to Benin to declare their interests in the job offer as instructed. A comrade always keeps his words and this will motivate other corpers to perform well during their national service year. Can he keep his words and motivate young Nigerians looking up to the leadership?

  2. Nkem says:

    Five months ago,Governor Adams Oshomole promised and made a public declaration to employ 30 outstanding corps members and up till now, nothing has been done about it. could this be the modality by which the APC intends to keep Nigeria together by making promises it cannot keep to youths looking up to them? To confirm this post, check vanguard news paper of 10th June 2013, page 35

  3. WALE OLABODE says:

    ……APC wants us to be soaked in the “blood of the dog and the baboon”….APC wants to make Nigeria ungovernable if and when they do not win elections….. APC wants all poor widows “to go and die!”…APC wants State of Emergency removed and a free reign for terrorists in Nigeria…..APC is a Blood Suckers indeed all because of Power at all cost…Watch Out….!!!…..
    ………. Irrational exuberance is exactly what we are witnessing in the latest burst of hubris by the APC…All Past Criminals……..I think this Liar Mohammed/ APC of a Party of thrives in treachery and subterfuge and as soon as Nigerians started seeing APC for what they really represents, then, we’ll learn not take them comments seriously……..These noise makers ! We are waiting for you come 2015, you ain’t seen nothing yet……….Who will protest for Okoyi/obalande Alimosho,Badagry,Yaba / EDO …LGA TINUBURUKU Election in Lagos state? who will protest for the recent LGA election in Kwara state which was PDP before and now APC ?…….

    ……….Abject Poverty Congress (APC) will still be floored by GEJ as PDP Candidate no matter who they present as their Presidential Looter in 2015…..how long will this APC-fools keep deceiving us?……..APC government will fuel religion crises. Osun State government is an indication. Aregbesola is will be a pioneer by importing religion Saga from the north to south-west.
    ..After labelling a man and his wife as liars, cheats and murderers.
    You tell the entire community to avoid them as they will only bring misery and pain to whoever chooses to associate with them…”they are evil” you say
    On hearing that, the man and his wife divorced, you now run and marry the wife/man…
    How do we best describe this action?
    A. Dishonest
    B. Hypocritical
    C. Desperate
    D. Insane
    E. Shameless
    F. All of the Above…………

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